COVID-19 Operational Plan 2022

Last Updated: Tues, March 8th 2022

The purpose of this operational plan is to implement daily preventative health and safety protocol in the interest of maintaining the health and safety of our artists and clients and by proxy, the health and safety of our artists and clients loved ones and families. 

These rules will be updated and reviewed biweekly to comply in accordance to the COVID-19 mandatory order in New Brunswick. 


  • Front door to unit
  • (3) Tattoo Stations
  • Washroom 
  • Retail/Waiting Area
  • Staff desk


  • Artist to client and vice versa
  • Artist to guest and vice versa
  • Guest to client and vice versa


  • We no longer require proof of double vaccination to book
  • Masks are required until March 14
    • After March 14th 2022, masks will remain highly recommended for your appointment. Masks are required for services that involve close proximity to the face such as chest, neck, ear, cosmetic tattoos.


Passive screening for symptoms:

  • Guest and clients asked to reschedule in the event of 1 or more active symptoms
    • In the event of rescheduling, deposit will be carried over to rescheduled appointment.
  • Paper masks available upon request 
  • Hand washing or 20 sec sanitizer hand rub required once in studio
  • Only one guest per client is permitted as we are a small studio
  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces between appointments

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