Resilience Tattoo and Gallery is a proudly inclusive tattoo studio located in the midst of Uptown Saint John at 107 Princess Street. Resilience was previously known as Dark Instinct Tattoo Studio from 2019-early 2022

Resilience is currently a one woman show by artist Kassandra Marchand. Kass began her tattooing journey in the summer of 2019 under a local mentor and began tattooing under the Dark Instinct name shortly before the pandemic began. Kassandra has worked with a variety of artists over the last three years and has had various mentors through this journey. One of the most important mentors has been her clients.

Over time, Kassandra began learning about trauma awareness and howto incorporate this into the client experience. Some incredible resources Kass refers to on a daily basis include seminars by trauma informed tattooer Tamara Santibanez, books such as “What happened to you” by Oprah Winfrey and Dr Perry, “The New Codependency” and other works by Melody Beattie, “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk.

Kassandra has prior education as a lab technologist specializing in biotechnology and research practices from Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario and brings her scientific knowledge to her everyday practice in understanding the skin and human biology, as well as diligent cross contamination prevention practices. Kass hopes to return to university in Fall of 2022 for UNB’s Bachelor of Integrated Studies, with a focus in psychology.

Guest artists are welcome to inquire as long as they have previous studio or professional experience. We are an appointment preferred studio. Some artists are currently accepting commissions and contract work for fine art and events. Please contact Kass via website, Facebook, phone, or kassmarchandart@gmail.com.

All staff are blood borne pathogen safety and prevention certified through ProgressiveMentorship.ca. This certification is renewed yearly, along with our in house sanitation and BBP protocols.

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